About DJ George D.

George D has been DJing since the late 1970's. Was one of the first DJ's to fly weekly from NYC (Heartbreak) to Miami and (Biscayne Baby) during the 1980's. In NYC he played mostly at Heartbreak, The Saint, 1018, Rockabout, Shout, Limelight, & also Quintessence in New Jersey. Right now, he plays mostly at Sapphire NYC and at the Hartford Stage in CT.

Did you say you are going to get married and need a Wedding Disc Jockey in CT?

It's time for your wedding, party, or event. You have the great location, the photographer is ready, the food is cooking, and your guests will be arriving shortly.

Now comes the main event...your party!

George D has the vision to create the most talked about event you have ever had. He has been providing unmatched entertainment since 1977. And his experience enables him to be preparred for whatever could happen.

Whether it is his collection of music, a great sound system, or his ability to communicate with your guests like no other, you will be free to enjoy your event to the fullest.

For more information on availability and to go over the specifics of your event, email George D at george@dickersonmusic.com